We’re Not Just Half Time Shows!

by Alyssa Resto


You may think the band performs just at half time. But we do so much more. We perform at shows that are hosted just for marching bands. We go to concert band shows, marching band shows, contest band, and honors band. The band also participates in parades, pep band, and jazz band. This month, I will be talking about band shows.

Band shows are events that take place at a school and everyone meets up there. Bands from all around Ohio go to band shows. Although, to be in a band show you have to be invited by that school’s band/band director. Anyone can go to a band show as a viewer, most cost around six dollars. As a viewer, you sit in the home stands so you are able to view the band while they perform. Marching bands face home, which are the home stands, this is why the visitors all go on the home side. The visiting bands sit in the visiting side while they watch and wait for the other bands to perform. Usually the line up for bands are by size. Clearview is always either first or second because our band is under 70 people. The bigger bands usually are around 100-200 people.

Band show performances are different from regular half time shows. At half time we only have a certain amount of time to perform so the show has to be short. At band shows, we are able, most of the time, to play our whole show- which is usually six songs long.

On Sepetember 20, 2014, the Clearview Band had visited and performed at the band director’s (Aaron Putka) alma mater, Stow. Going to Stow was a great experience because we learned from their pregame alone. They really know how to play their instruments. We had heard it was our best performance to that day. Today we play even better than that day, thanks to the Stow Band Show.

So remember, the next time you hear the band, think of how far we have come. Think about what its like to not only play a song from memory, the drill by heart, and the instrument handlings, but also march in step all at the same time. Lastly, think how we aren’t performing for you, but for ourselves.

Clearview Band 2013

Clearview Band 2014