The Fluffing Advice: Winter Break

By: A.Lien

Welcome to the Fluffing Advice, where we interview students around Clearview. In this news column, we give you information in two parts: The Fluff (all of the filler), and The Advice (the bottom line). This week, Aaron has gone around the school to interview some students about their Christmas plans and their midterm advice.

The Fluff:

First, I interviewed a fellow sophomore, Savannah Christensen. Like everyone else I had interviewed, I asked her about what she was planning to do after midterms. It was a short interview, however it did give some very good advice.

Aaron: So Savannah, do you have any plans for break?

Savannah: I plan to sleep, eat, skate- if it’s cold enough- and finish Christmas shopping…

Aaron: Anything for midterms?

Savannah: Study even if it’s an open note test, and don’t put a class above another,


Next I interviewed Chrissy Snyder. She’s also a sophomore, and she’s also part of the Clipper Chorale. She offered her two cents in the interview, and she gave both a very interesting plan, and also gave some solid advice.

Aaron: So, are you planning anything for the break?

Chrissy: Yea, I plan on getting onesies with all of my friends and having a movie night. They’re going to be Pokémon onesies. And be with my family.

Aaron: Any plans for Christmas or New Year then?

Chrissy: That’s my plan! For New Year’s I plan on getting onesies and having a movie night, and for Christmas I’m going to be with my family.

Aaron: and lastly, do you have any advice for midterms?

Chrissy: Uh, it’s not that big of a… Hold up. It’s not that big of a deal, but it is. But you shouldn’t stress about it. Study! Do not procrastinate. Please, don’t do that. Because if you don’t study you will fail. Don’t study equals fail.

The next person I interviewed was Aubrie Borbas. She’s a junior who is involved in many extracurriculars, including SADD, Teen Institute, and Yearbook Club. We sat down and talked about her plans for the coming break.

Aaron: Aubrie, are you doing anything for the break?

Aubrie: On Christmas Eve we go to grandma’s. And on Christmas we get cinnamon rolls and open stockings. On the 28th I have Christmas with father. With my Cousins we usually go to Cici’s pizza in Avon. It’s a small family, but we celebrate 6 Christmases. I’m also going to Golden Corral with my dad.

Aaron: Aubrie, any advice for midterms?

Aubrie: Absorb the knowledge through your tears! I think that’s pretty good advice?

Aaron: I don’t know about that one. I’ve tried. It didn’t come out too well. Any other advice, maybe with study tips?

Aubrie: Oh! If you have a procrastination problem, try to use the website cold turkey. Because when I try to study I use Tumblr and stuff. So if you want to turn it off for 2 hours, it’s literally won’t let you use it for 2 hours. And for next year, study 6 months in advance.


The last person I interviewed was a senior named Joshua ‘Josh’ Carandang. He’s a jovial young man, and also quite musical. He’s part of both band and the Clipper Chorale, where in the latter he had both a solo and a song to sing during intermission.

Aaron: are you planning anything for Christmas?

Josh: For the first half of the day, after presents at home, we go to my cousin’s house for gift exchange. And sometimes we also go to our other cousins on my dad’s side. So basically we have Christmas at home, with one family, and then Christmas with my extended family.

Aaron: Anything for the New Year?

Josh: I don’t know yet. Even if we know I usually out of the loop for 2 days.

Aaron: Any advice for midterms?

Josh: Studying is for chumps, swag wins the day!

Aaron: Very funny. But seriously, any advice?

Josh: Um… Don’t be too stressed out. If you stress yourself out, you’re not gonna do well.


The Advice:

To any freshmen, sophomore, junior, or even senior, stressing about the midterms, just stay calm. If you studied, then you’ll probably know the material. If you get plenty of sleep, then you’ll be wide awake. And don’t forget, after the tests, you leave school early, and on Friday, you get to go on Christmas break!