Antigone Review

Antigone Review


The mask worn on stage by Eurydice (Angela Andujar)

Antigone premiered the days of February 20th and 21st, 2015. It is a Greek tragedy originally written by the playwright Sophocles, written over two thousand years ago. This play has been adapted into more modern terms. The story starts off in Thebes, just before the break of dawn. It is just after a war, where Polyneices has returned from exile to fight his brother, King Eteocles, and take over Thebes. They both kill each other, leaving their cousin Creon (Zach Konieczny) to be the new king.

The titular character, Antigone (Aubrey Borbas), then meets her sister Ismene (Maiya LeBron). They talk about the aftermath of the war, with things such as their brother Polyneices being unable to be buried by act of law. Ismene is in support of this law, while Antigone is enraged and demands honor to her brother. She goes to bury her brother, getting caught. Her punishment is death, and Creon sends her to a tomb, with little food and water, to die in.

Back in Thebes, Tiresias (June Holt), a blind prophet led by a child (Chrissy Snyder), then warns that Creon has angered the gods. Creon’s hubris, his pride, prevents him from giving Polynices a burial. Tiresias gives Creon a final warning; because he has failed to act in time, his family shall settle the debt, in blood. Creon loses his wife, his son, and is left without a family.

As someone who was part of the play, this was a very interesting production. The past three shows have been mainly comedic, which is a far stretch from the tragedy that we premiered. This was a very intense and involved play, with all of its hard work paying off in a good production.

Interview of Mr. Daniel Justin Billewicz


Daniel Justin Billewicz

A: So you picked Clearview to direct its plays. Why?
D: There was a position open, and in that sense, I applied because I knew at one time I wanted to apply whenever it came up. I had a drama director that was one of my mentors, and I wanted to make sure if there that we had a drama department

A: How did you feel about this play?
D: I’d always wanted to do it when I read it in college. I knew that this was a piece that was challenging that they could do, something different that wasn’t typically done here.

A: How was the reaction to the play?
D: It was taken very well. Even though we had a snow day, a basketball game, and very extreme weather conditions, we managed to get a very good turnout for the show.

A: We’re there any personal highlights to this play, from production to show night?
D: Yeah, my highlights were definitely the emotion that Angela Andujar and Maiya LeBron had together and the chemistry they had. Their scenes together we’re very moving. Also, when the entire production comes together as a whole, there’s this magical environment that is created that is able to tell this story of Antigone.

A: Do you have any plans for next year?
D: Yes, I am looking at a comedic drama and a comedy for next years season, along with student directed one acts.

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