Clearview’s School Lunch

By: Melanie Walend

Displaying School Lunch.JPG

According to students, the Clearview School lunch has been lacking in quality lately. It’s alright, but not as good as it was.


Some students say that the school lunch often lacks in taste. Also, so much food goes to waste everyday. Students that pack their lunch must also buy to keep the free lunch system going. This creates a problem for students with dietary needs. For example, vegetarians don’t have a wide variety of food to eat.

Possible Solutions

Something as simple as salt and pepper packets could help add more flavor to the food. As for the waste, a “recycle bin” should be made for unwanted and unopened food. Also, students should be able to pack if they feel the lunch menu is not satisfying.

What do you think of our school lunch?

Tell us what you think by commenting down below.

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