How Maple Syrup is Made

By Soleil Piros

Have you ever wondered how maple syrup is made? It is more than just collecting syrup from the inside of a tree. The whole process involves converting sap to syrup.

The amount of maple sap used to make maple syrup differs because of the sugar content percent. For example, it takes 43 gallons of sap to make just one gallon of maple syrup. The first step to making maple syrup is to identify your maple trees. There are many different kinds of maple trees so you have to be careful. Then you have to gather your equipment. this includes a spile, bucket, hammer, and hook. A spile is something you insert into the tree to collect the sap. Depending on how large the trees diameter depends on how many taps you need. One tap can produce 5-80 gallons in a year.

You then have to hammer the spile into the tree, put the hook on the spile, then hang the bucket on the hook. Then, you tap the trees in mid February. Once you have retrieved your sap, you transfer the sap into storage containers 38 degrees fahrenheit or lower. Then it’s time for boiling. The first part of boiling takes place outside over a fire in large pots. Depending on how much sap you have depends on how long you have to boil it for.

Once the sap has mostly boiled down, you can transfer it into a smaller pot and bring it indoors. Boil at 7 degrees above the temperature of water until it can stick to a spoon, or when it reaches 219 degrees. Then filter the sap because there will be a small amount of residue. The easiest way is to filter it through a coffee filter. Then bottle the syrup and enjoy!


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