Academic Challenge

by Josette Leon

There are many productive teams and clubs Clearview has to offer, but why not join one that promotes studying as well?

On the Clearview Scholastic Team, players must answer academic-related questions against other schools in the division. This includes the subjects such as geography, world history, math, and literature, as well as many more. Every Tuesday and Thursday, at 3 o’clock in the school library, members meet and practice answering questions about the topics listed above. Knowledge learned from scholastic, such as a specific U.S president may be useful in their own history class for example. Information learned can be useful both ways, in class and during matches.

The first semester is focused on competing against other schools in the Erie Shore Conference before facing each other again 2nd semester at the Lorain County Community College in the Spitzer Conference Center. Several practices are held before meeting at this location to prepare players for the upcoming matches.

Members are also required to stay up to date on current events happening in the world. Each person is assigned a month, in which they report on the various events that occurred.They are also to expected to go over lists of important world leaders and nobel prize winners. All in all, the Scholastic Team can be helpful in more ways than one.

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