Cross Country – Interview with Ryan Meyers

by Aaron Lien

Cross country is a fall sport in which runners of both genders run on varying courses of 3.1 miles, or 5 kilometers. I decided to interview a senior runner named Ryan Meyers. He is 5″11, weighs 140 pounds, is 17, and is currently thinking of going to Ohio Northern University or Cuyahoga Community College.
A: Good morning Ryan
R: Good morning.

A: Let’s start off with a simple question, what makes you want to run? What drives you?
R: It’s just a great way to stay in shape. A great way to stay healthy.

A: What do you think is essential for a good runner?
R: Just endurance. If you have good endurance, you can run longer, you can run farther.

A: What about other things matter? Heart? Compassion?
R: If you have the heart for it, you’re gonna push yourself, that way you do better.

A: What do you think your favorite course to run is?
R: Tiffin, just because there’s a lot of runners there; you get to see a lot of good runners, and it’s a good atmosphere.
A: What are you looking forward to this season?
R: Better uh, better times.
A: Are there any challenging teams that you have or will go up against?
R: Yes. You want me to tell you who?

A: Sure
R: Bay Village and Fairview Park
A: Alright, so you have a worst injury from Cross Country?
R: *smirks* Shin splints
A: So, what is the team good at?
R: What is the team good at? We’re good at being a family, being a team, supporting each other
A: Now conversely, what can the team improve on?
R: Just staying focused, pushing harder towards a higher goal.

A: And to finish, what advice could you give to an aspiring runner?
R: Just keep your motivation. Just keep pushing forward. Just gotta put that work in
A: Alright Ryan, that was nice talking to you.
R: Nice talking to you too!