2016 Lorain County Regional Scholastic Art Exhibition

By Josette Leon

This year 10 Clearview students were chosen for their art to be displayed in Beth K. Stocker Art gallery by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. This show can be found on LCC’s campus and features art from various schools all across Lorain County.

A wide variety of art was found in the gallery. Works from cardboard sculptures to magazine collages to complete sketchbooks were submitted. Much inspiration could be found in the creative ideas of the students featured. Pieces have the opportunity to be awarded Gold and Silver keys as well as honorable mentions for their work. Winners of the Gold key are invited to a celebratory ceremony and their art is entered to compete against other winners outside of the county and even outside of the state. More than 250,000 dollars are given in scholarships to them every year.

From Clearview, Jocelyn Herrera, Brandon Irizarry, and Josette Leon were some of the students to win the Gold and Silver keys. Many others had received honorable mentions and the privilege to have their art displayed in such a respected and well known exhibition.

Click here to see photos of some of Clearview’s art.





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