2016 Wrestling PAC Championship

By Josette Leon

On Saturday, February 9th, Clearview’s wrestling team arrived at Oberlin High School to participate in the 2016 Patriot Athletic Conference. The conference featured many other schools in the area. This included Keystone, Wellington, Firelands, Clearview, and several others. Though Clearview High School did not place first in the conference, “They did as well as they could and put in a lot of effort,” said Mr. McCardle, the head coach of the wrestling team. He also mentioned that they exceeded his expectations, as many members had never wrestled before this current season.

Two players on the team had placed in the top three in the entire conference. Sophomore JD McCardle placed second, pinning a member from the opposing team who was also ranked as one of the top 20 wrestlers in the state. Clinton Cooper, a senior, placed third in the conference, also winning a match during the finals against a difficult opponent. “It was a very exciting match,” his coach commented.

Currently, Clearview plans to use the skills that they have learned and expect to have a better season next year as they build a stronger team and hope for an improved record.

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