Interview With Emilio Melendez, Comedy Extraordinaire 

By A. Lien

This Saturday, on March 19th, Clearview will host another one of its yearly events, Clearview’s Got Talent. I sat down and interviewed a senior, Emilio Melendez, who will be performing a comedy act.

Aaron: So, why did you decide to try out for your act?

Emilio: I ran a poll on Twitter, and it got a yes.

Aaron: Well that’s innovative. I’ve heard that you have a story involving Twitter coming up?

Emilio: Yes, there’s a story about Twitter 

Aaron: Do you think it’ll be a hit

Emilio: Uh, probably not. Maybe. Definite maybe.

Aaron: Don’t be so humble Emilio. Is this your first time being in the talent show?

Emilio: Yes. I’m also not singing, which is pretty innovative. 

Aaron: Do you have any inspiration for your stories? 

Emilio: My friend told me a story, but I can’t repeat it.


Pictured above: Emilio Melendez working on his act.
Aron. Are there any chances you will be singing, maybe something by Kanye West?

Emilio: No. Zero chance. Although if I were to sing, it would be Chance the Rapper. However I’m not singing, so there will be no chance.

Aaron: How do you feel about being one of the school’s first comedy acts?

Emilio: I’m going to quote my idol, Ricky Bobby, “Well, Dale, I’m just the greatest there ever was. It’s just that simple. I wake up in the morning and I *EXPLICIT* excellence.

Aaron: Well, I think that’s all we have for the interview. To those who want to come, the show is Saturday at 6:30. Emilio, is there anything you’d like to tell those who are interested in going?

Emilio: Go see it. (Then he put on a Shia LaBeouf impression) Just do it.

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