An Interview with Soccer Player Veronica Ybarra

By Josette Leon


What is the hardest thing about playing soccer?
Probably footskills. It’s hard having to get used to using feet instead of hands for sports.

Was there any advice that helped you?

Describe a typical practice.
We usually start by running. After that we stretch, practice footskills, go through a few soccer drills, and play a scrimmage game.

How has this season compared to last season?
We gained players, but found out a lot about who was more dedicated to the game. Not a lot of people showed up to practice. I think we did fine. Our record was about the same as last season.

Were there any moments that you found most memorable?
At one of our games, there was this girl from the opposing team that tripped on my shoelaces. She blamed me and tried to say that I tripped her, so I pointed to my shoe and said, “iMira! You tripped yourself.” She didn’t really appreciate it.

Do you and the other team members interact better on or off field?
Off field. When we are playing the game, we get into it and fight and argue a lot.

What do you prefer in indoor soccer over outdoor soccer?
Inside there are walls I can push people into and it keeps the ball within bounds. It’s annoying having to throw it back in outside all of the time.

What do you prefer about playing outdoors?
The field is bigger and we can fit more players onto it.

If there was any rule about soccer you could change, indoor or outdoor, what would it be?
I wish I could push and grab people without penalty.

How well do you believe you played this season?”
We did fine. We improved just like every season.

What are your final thoughts about this season?
We’ll try harder and do better next time.

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