Zach Konieczny from It’s Only a Play

By A.Lien

Photos by Thomcat Photography


With the recent advent of the Drama Club’s spring show, It’s Only a Play, I decided to interview one of its cast members.Zach Konieczny is a junior at Clearview High School, who participates in activities such as Teen Institute, Drama Club, and football. He played a young, washed out actor named James Wacker Wicker. Other members included Clinton Cooper, Patrick O’Connor, Rion Starkey, Shelby Muhich, Elizabeth Gunter, and yours truly.


 James speaks to Gus (Aaron Lien), a young actor taking coats


Q: So, how did you feel about the play? Did you like it?
A: I was in the cast, so yeah.

Q: Do you think it was well received
A: We didn’t get crazy attendance, but the people that came to the show, I think they really liked it. I think it was well-received there.

Q: Were there any moments during practices that stuck out?  
A: Selfies, and uh… Patrick being a freaking weirdo. Oh yeah, and we also practiced in the cafeteria, doing improv.

TCP_2393“Can we do a selfie first?” says Gus (Aaron Lien), pictured right.

Q: Did you find the process was difficult for you?
A: I’d say so, yeah. I had a big part and there was a lot of memorization, and mostly there was struggles with the cast.

Q: What do you think the cast and crew was thinking opening night?
A: “Oh my god, I really hope this goes well,” because it was a [disaster] before that

Q: Do you think this all paid off?
A: Mhm, yeah. Definitely

Q: Were there any pre-show rituals you had, anything you did as a sort of superstition?
A: Pre-show, I would uh, spend some time going through some scenes, primarily with Aaron and Elizabeth, since we had a monologue that we tried to get in rapid speed. And I’d always put on everything but a suit jacket and shoes

Q: Describe your past experiences with drama, what have you done before this?
A: Um, I started freshman year, had three parts in my first show. Acted my whole first year, and then did some acting and set build my second year, and then acting and sound my third. Actually I did set building for a lot of the year.

TCP_2383James looks at Peter Austin (Clinton Cooper), pictured second from the left, as he delivers a prayer.

Q: Are you looking forward to anything for your senior year?
A. Oh yeah totally. I’m looking forward to pretty much senior year in general, and doing more shows, and having a good ol’ show time with the amazing staff and faculty of Clearview High School!

Q: Lastly, what do you have to say to anyone interested in drama?
A: Definitely go for it! There’s something for anyone, if you’re shy, you can go for tech or booth. If not, you can act. It’s a very good community, and everyone is pretty chill. I say go for it!


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