An Interview with Senior Class President, Joelle Carrion

By A.Lien

I recently was able to interview the president of my senior class, Joelle Carrion. By far, this has been one of my most enjoyable people to interview yet!

Q: Alright, let’s start off with some introductions. How long have you been attending the Clearview Local School District?

A; All my life. I grew up in this district. I’m not the only one tho, there was you, Cassidy, Jordan Smith, Jordan Stover, Andrai, MaKayla and around 5 more. We’re the few that have been here since kids. The rest came at different times but like I said I’ve been here all my life. I know everyone. Which is kind of why I wanted to be president. I feel like because everyone knows who I am everyone is comfortable and willing to come to me with what needs to change.

Q: So with that, I know that a lot of people consider Clearview as a family. Is that how you feel too?

A: Yes! Definitely! Class of 2017 gets a lot of grief about being boring but it’s because we only mess with eachother. We kinda stay away from other classes, we do our own thing, we ride our own wave. And when we get together it’s always a good time. One of my goals is to get our school spirit back up to where it used to be in middle school. When we got to high school it all kinda fell apart, so that’s my goal; to get us back together.

Q: You mentioned earlier about your motivations for running for president. You ran successfully in your first campaign, so is there a reason why you haven’t run before?

A: Grades and lack of motivation have held me back. I’ve never felt like I could make a difference the other years. I wasn’t in a place to focus on the responsibilities that come with this job. Now I am and I feel like I can make difference.

Q: I feel like you can! Especially with these past few days of hallways decorating, I’ve noticed how in-control you seem. Aside from getting the class to become closer, are there any other things that you want to accomplish now that you are the president of your senior class? What are your plans?

A: I want to get the library open full time. A lot of kids need computers for Extra Learning, papers, projects, etc. I care about the students so this is important to me just as much as it is to them. Other plans? It’s up to them. I’m counting on them to let me know what they want changed just as much as they’re counting on me to change it.

Q: Are you looking forward to your senior year? If so, what are you excited for?

A: Yeah man I can’t wait to get it started! I’m looking forward to Homecoming, basketball season, Halloween, Christmas(break of course). The Christmas walk, the Easter walk. The pep rallies. Graduation. I want to make the most of my last year and want to make sure that I can make my fellow classmate’s last year enjoyable as well.

Q: How about after this? What are your plans after high school; what is your dream? …Actually, before you answer that, I just thought of another one: Is there a favorite memory that you have from Clearview?

A: Yes it was at a lock-in on the 13th of May. The only people who showed up was the class of 17. Only about 12 of us. We were all playing basketball and listening to music and having a good time. Then they let us leave, we went to Steak-n-Shake and were laughing and goofing off and it was just so memorable. I’ll always remember that night. Best moment of my high school career so far.

Q: So then back to that other question: What are your plans after high school; what is your dream?

A: I’m going to go to LCCC. I’m going to start out there at least. I really don’t know what my major will be or what I’ll be studying. All in due time. As for my dream? I just want to be remembered.

Q: I think a lot of people have that dream, to be remembered. Personally, it’s the same with me too. Although I do think that for now, President of the Senior Class of 2017 is a pretty memorable thing to be.

A: I think so too. Who would’ve thought I would have been President of the Senior Class of 2017? Not me. So that’s a moment I will cherish. It’s a good place to start. But if I want to be remembered I have to be the best I can be. Not only in my role as president but in my life. I’m changing and becoming a better person. Step by step. And I think my role as president will keep me going in the right direction.

Q: I think our class has matured a lot in the past few years. I guess it’s all a part of growing up?

A: I think so too. Age has a lot to do with it but it’s really a choice. I made the choice to better myself and I’ve matured as a result. One of my goals is for my peers to see this and do the same.

Q: Thanks so much for this interview! You’ve been one of my favorite people to get to talk to in my past few years of doing newspaper. As I’m finishing with this interview, is there any word of advice or something else that you’d like to say?

A: I just want to thank everyone who voted for me I won’t let my class down, I promise. As for advice, I’ve missed out on a lot of things due to poor choices in the classroom. Which has led me to have to work my butt off senior year when this should be the year for the least amount of work. This is the year for taking college courses and college level classes. So my advice is to set yourself up for success

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