Diesel With Dahman

By Melanie Walend

What exactly is Diesel with Dahman? Why is it even called Diesel? Who can join? How will it benefit me? These are all questions that come across a student’s mind when they hear “Diesel with Dahman”. Most students are afraid to go because a “military style” workout just sounds scary and exhausting, but if you ask anybody who participates in it, you will get a completely different answer. So I decided to sit down with Mrs. Dahman, the only person who is crazy enough to start a program like this, and figure out the truth behind Diesel.

What is Diesel with Dahman and why did you start it?

It’s program that uses physical fitness as a means to learn how to succeed in all aspects of your life. Because they had a weight lift program that wasn’t benefiting the students.

What is the story behind the name?

It used to be called muscle failure pt, a student came up with the name diesel.

Who can participate?

Anyone including teachers and administrators can come!

How does this program benefit the students, both physically and mentally?

I push them to go beyond what they thought were their limits.

What are some of the exercises that you do?

Cherry pickers, squats, push-ups

What is the most important thing that you learn by doing diesel?

That you are worth it!

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