Great Music From the ’70s: A Review by Angel Garcia

by Angel Garcia

Personally I believe that the 1970’s gave birth to some of the greatest rock bands of all time. My list will include various songs of the era.

Journey Infinity
Has a good variety of songs such as Lights, Just the same way, and Feeling that way.

Van Halen 1978 (self titled album)
An excellent album with outstanding guitar solos. This album would be great for fans of classic Van Halen. Some of these songs include you really got me, Aint talkin bout love, Runnin with the devil are just a few of the good songs on this album.

Cheap Trick (Live at Budokan)
Cheap Trick is an outstanding band with great vocals and guitar riffs.
Surrender, ain’t that a shame, and I want you to want me.

Hall & Oates (Along the red ledge)
Great vocals and excellent music is an understatement when describing them.
Melody for a memory, it’s a laugh, and others on the album which can’t be truly described without being listened to.

BOSTON (Don’t look back)
Recently celebrated their 40th anniversary tour, BOSTON is are such perfectionist that it took them 2 years to create this album.
The (Journey/It’s easy) is a great song with a heck of an intro, (Don’t look back) are two of the top songs on this album.


You either love em or hate them, there can’t be any truly in between. Apart they can sound horrible but together they can create gold. (Detroit Rock city), (Christine), and (shout it out loud).



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