It’s a Dress Code, Not a Stress Code!

Words about dress code have been heard daily, in the halls, in class, EVERYWHERE! Well, I’m here to update you with a few facts on how dress code came to be. I have interviewed a few students about what they think, and even Mr. Newman has a few things to add! So, if this topic interests you, by all means, keep reading!

Mr. Newman:

What is your stance on school dress code?
Dress codes are necessary for learning environments because every study shows it helps with academic success. It also provides a professional learning place.

Why have some things been added to the dress code?
Well… Every generation has a new style that the previous didn’t have but this generation has grown up with the acceptance of casualness that is fine in a social or college setting but is not for this age group. It also helps eliminate socially economic divisions.

Do you think anything more will be added?
It’s always evolving, and it should. Six years ago kids had their phones out, now it’s a part of what they do all day, so it’s accepted. How they’re used though, gets them in trouble, things are always changing. The students grow up knowing nothing else, so people should start to remember the generation they are dealing with to understand how to handle certain situations.

How do you feel about the students opinions?
I think students should have a say, when they decide what’s acceptable they tend to agree to it because they owned it.

Do you have anything else to say about dress code?
It helps remove anxiety from the pressure of fashion. It prevents students from being judged. I see the need for it.

Spencer Reinhart:
What’s your opinion on school dress code?
I think that the school dress code is actually very appropriate and keeps a lot of us modest. They don’t make the dress code to torture us, they make the dress code to prepare us for the real world and how we are going to have to dress for our future jobs and careers.

Chrissy Snyder:
How do you feel about the dress code?
I don’t have a problem with it, I feel the dress code is within reason.

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