Staff Spotlight – Hollie Beatty, Freshmen English Teacher

by Angela Knick
1. How are you enjoying the new year?
-I am loving it.
2. Did you do anything exciting over the summer?
-I spent a lot of time with my girls.
3. Did you have any summer jobs?
-I had full time momma duties.
4. What is your favorite place to go out for lunch?
-Chipotle (I am low maintenance)
5. Do you participate in any after school activities?
-I am the freshman class advisor and I run Clearview Academy on Wednesdays.
6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
-I would like to go back to school to earn my masters in English, and maybe when my girls get a bit older, teach at a college level when I am not at the high school.
7. What do you like to do on your spare time? (hobbies, activities)
-I like to read, to be outside, shopping, and eating chocolate.
8. Do you have any connections with any of the seniors?
-Emily Pabon is my girl.
9. Do you have any advise for upcoming seniors?
Time really does fly. Make wise choices so you don’t look back with embarrassment or regret.
10. What would you like to see in the newspaper?
-Maybe something about animals who need rescued or adopted in the area.

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